Design Research / Experimental Design
2014 | Taiwan

* In 2017, the revised design won the Grand Winner of PrintoCent Design Competition and the Wildest Idea of Innofest Conference & Competition in the field of 3D-printed electronics, Oulu, Finland

Mango is an extremely popular fruit in Taiwan. Taiwanese learn to prepare a mango by slicing the flesh of it in a crosshatch pattern. It then can be inverted to expose the scored cubes, revealing the juicy and lovely sweet taste of summer. Inspired by Taiwaneses’ love of mangoes, as well as the interaction between human and fruit, I applied this preparing method in lighting design. 

The geometrical change of the light caused by a direct contact of the user, the simple “push” in this case, controls whether the illumination is concentrated or diffused. The concentrated mode provides an evenly spread light for reading and writing, while the expanded mode functions as a decorative light suitable for festive and celebratory occasions.