Collaborators: Ting-Jhen Yang & Jinghua Zheng
Bergen, Norway | 2018

* Self-built and won the First Prize of Bergen International Wood Festival 2018, at Hanseviertel Bryggen, Bergen, Norway

What do you see?
How do you see it?

The nature is a silent and precious existence for everyone on this planet but people take it for granted that they can access and overuse as their desire. Most of the population on earth live in the city and are surrounded by human and overwhelming man made creations. Climate change has been a global phenomenon which results from the imbalance between human avarice and natural resources. We are used to this awareness but do we realize how close it is? We are surrounded by the nature, however, do we see how precious it is?

We would like to invite everyone to walk in “The Forest”, take a moment to observe and experience the space. We hope to inspire and evoke people to see the nature in your own interpretation.