lantern divider

Design Research / Experimental Design
2020 | Finland

* The Lantern Divider is an outcome of the master thesis entitled: A LIVING PATTERN: An investigation of intuitive interaction between humans and tangible objects

Lantern Divider is a single-module, kinetic-structural system that can be operated in two modes: closed mode and expanded mode. The concept of design is derived from the structure of a kind of traditional paper lanterns, which has a cylinder-shaped surface with vertical slashes being evenly distributed on it. The structure of the lantern is gently squeezed by users from both ends, opening up slashes on the surface and letting the light pass through. By employing this kinetic structure and the related inspirational human-object behavior, Lantern Divider allows a user to store the space divider in a wrapped form, as well as expand the structure by a simple push.

Full Thesis