Experimental Design
Cooperator: Fiskars
2019 | Finland

* Participated in the collective exhibition Tomorrow’s Archives in Sep-Nov 2019, at Iittala and Arabia Design Center, Helisnki, Finland

Read a 3D written letter with your palms, feel the time and airflow in between the unevenness of the layers, follow the gravity and materiality from the hanging curves, hold on to the weight and value of this precious one porcelain.

3D Poetry For You is an experimental project created during an explorative collaboration between Iittala and Aalto University. In my opinion, the value of 3D printing in the ceramic industry is its inclusive co-creative process between human and machinery. By writing, people express feelings for one another. With a programmed 3D ceramic printer, people can simply type in any message and see how every letter is written down in a three dimensional form. Hand writing involves one’s full time, physical effort and love, there can be mistakes too, but that’s alright because it is the uniqueness of craftsmanship.

3D poetry for you is a modern, subtle but comprehensive way for people to embrace imperfectness and realize the value of a ceramic piece given from a loving individual is. The more we understand and cherish the imperfectness, the less waste there will be.