Table ROUND &
Storage ROUND

Furniture Design
Client: Chang’s home
2016 | Taiwan

The Round Table and Storage series is a project commissioned by a resident living in a shared flat with two friends in Taipei, Taiwan. The apartment’s open living and dining area are furnished with rounded wooden Ikea furniture such as a long dining table, several stools, a three-seater sofa, and a wide carpet. The tenants are photographers and artists, and they enjoy relaxing in the common areas and exchanging ideas. Therefore, the client requests a low table to gather around and an open shelving system to display books, magazines, and art collections.

In order to correspond to the industrialized Ikea pieces, the design consists of rounded geometrical parts which can be mass-produced efficiently. The detail of the design hides in the mortise and tenon joints, which were handcrafted by me.

image source: Ernie Chang

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