Table LINE

Furniture Design
Client & Collaborator : Hataarvo Architects
2014 | Taiwan

In general, in a shared living or working space, there is a common area in the plan drawing where residents can gather and staff members can meet. Tables are catalysts for people to bond in these interior spaces. Family and friends get together at a dining table at home, and professionals and business people unite at a conference table in the office.

Table Line
is a commissioned project for customizing a three-meter long solid wood conference table at Hataarvo Architects’ new studio. Inspired by the rays of light passing through the Venetian blinds, the table has slit details that may break down the visual mass of the thick slabs. The sunlight sheds through the table by the French windows and casts beautiful geometrical shadows in the space.

*The bevel detail and the gap on the table surface can be placed with pens and allows laptop or screen wires to extend through the middle part of the long table.

Commissioned WORKS