Aalto work-shop

Interior Architecture
Client: Aalto University
Collaborator: Pablo Riquelme
2018 | Finland

Aalto University is the cradle of generations of Finnish architects, designers, and artists. The workshops are inevitable the most exciting site where all those innovations, creativities and inventions take place. Therefore, the theme of Aalto Work-Shop had come to life. It is an inviting platform for the public and the school to gather and interact directly. Students and faculties present their latest work and publication, and people are welcomed to take a glimpse and purchase the selected Aalto products. The customized pegboard display and storage system was inspired by workshop settings that keep the tools organized. By transferring the idea into a retail shop design, it enables the flexibility of limited space to rearrange various layouts according to different products and seasonal sales.

In order to provide an intriguing gathering point in a windowless corridor space, the shelves were arranged in angles, and there are seating areas for reading and resting. Different sections of products will open up to you while you walk through the shop.

Commissioned WORKS