Office Accessory
2017 | Finland 

* Participated in the collective exhibition NAKUNA in 2017 Milan Design Fair, at Circolo Filologico Milanese, Milan, Italy

Celebrating Finland being independent for 100 years, there have been all kinds of events going in the name of “Suomi 100”. Finnish Profile is a Suomi 100 special edition series designed for museum shops to sell.

The first thing that came to my mind when I think about Finland is the language. Finnish is very unique and iconic. Though Finland shares their beautiful nature and long history with the Scandinavian region and Russia, Finnish is nothing like Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Russian. As a foreigner, I have transformed the language into visualized language, which also became the form of the objects.

The structure of Finnish is composed of compound words. One simple word can be combined with multiple radicals or words to express different definitions. I have interpreted the structure of Finnish as modular objects, which you can easily select and play with according to individual needs.

As a result, I present you these modular office table accessories, which represents the Finnish profile with the local pine Finnish curve profile.

Commissioned WORKS